FOR ADV & DUal-sport RIDERS 

who agree that swapping rubber sucks
who believe in quality and convenience


Taking the hassle and guess-work out of the equation


Want to see it in action? 

Check out Jakob swapping rubber before a little tour in the mountains! 

Taking bikes to the shop for tire changes?

You’re probably experiencing: 

  • The agony of paying someone to do a job you could easily manage yourself 
  • The pain of scheduling, booking a date & time… plus shop selling their own tires 
  • Hassle of going back and forth to the shop, taking precious time away from riding 

Changing tires with tire irons? 

You’re probably experiencing:

  • Busted knuckles and breaking the bead
  • Unstable 5-gallon buckets with back burn, bending over or being down on your knees
  • Sweat, swear words and pain from damaging the rim and pinching the tube

Now take this hassle and pain and project
it into the future for as many years as you’re planning to ride… 

How does that make you feel?


Rabaconda: the only complete
tire changing solution
out there

Once a rider, always a rider and the tire changes will always be there. 

Designed by riders for riders, Rabaconda is portable, handy and easy to use. 
Tõnu Kallast
Rabaconda Co-Founder
Passionate ADV rider

Here’s how it works: 

1. Assemble The Kit

  • Easy-to-follow manual with insturctions
  • Setting it up so smooth and quick, no tools needed
  • Stable, rigid and adjustable construction

2. Change Your Tires With Ease

  • Comfortable working height - no more backache or working on your knees
  • Easy-to-follow tutorial videos + know-how
  • Bead breaker positioning system

3. Store For The Next Time

  • Store it away on a shelf until you need it again
  • Light weight and basically takes no room in your garage
  • Strong carry-bag for comfortable travel and compact storage


  • See yourself as an adventurous soul and believe in convenience, efficiency and flexibility
  • Want to decide and control when and where you change your tires
  • Are sick of the pain and hassle of tire changes; you want a reliable machine and peace of mind
  • Want to find an effective solution to save money and time 
  • Are a rider who appreciates premium quality and ease of use
  • Want to impress your friends by being the true ADV king or queen who changes their tires in style


  • The price is your only criteria
  • You’re not interested in engaging with your bike in anything else than riding 
  • You have infinite resources of time and money with an inhouse 24/7 personal mechanic

Check out what popular ADV riders say

Check out @rtwpaul swapping rubber

Here’s some feedback from our customers

This could be you… 

“All my friends are impressed with your RABACONDA tire changer. One of the best products. Oh so much nicer than washing down a few Ibuprofen and spending 3 hours on my knees with 11” inch tire spoons per tire”

Albert Peterson, Texas

“$50 a wheel is the best price I can get in Alberta Canada (that I know of) and an hour (minimum) round trip, plus waiting while they try to "fit me in". Might take me longer for the changer, to pay for itself, than some people, but it was still worth the cost to me”

Lance David, Alberta

“The only complete solution in existence , they thought of everything with the adapters available and methodology and engineering”

Kelly Kupecz, Washington

“It’s convenient, buy tires at discount, you can do when you want, flexibility to buy your own tires, saves time to travel to shop, let’s you pick your time when you wanna do it.”

Joe Senna, California
Rabaconda ADV Tire Changer Kit
$579 $681

Yes, we know that the price is the #1 issue, but… 

It’s a once in a lifetime investment. 
(we also have a convenient 3 part payment plan) 

Have you ever calculated how much time and money you spend on tire changes each year?

Here’s some simple math:
On average, riders like your awesome self:
- own 2-3 bikes,
- change tires 2-3 times a year
- and pay roughly $31+ per wheel at a shop or a dealer

Sound like you? If it does, owning a Rabaconda pays itself back in 2 years or less!

You’ll love it because Rabaconda will:

  • Help you to use your tires strategically – switch to the correct tires for the terrain you’re in, every time you hit the trails 
  • Empower yourself to change your own tires whenever, wherever you need to 
  • Help you get control back – no more begging and grovelling to your friends to help you
  • Save tons of cash on dealer tire changes in the long run 
  • Save time on travelling to the dealer and back (and spend it riding instead!)
  • Allow you to buy whatever tires you want, not the ones the dealer is pushing 
  • Eliminate busted knuckles, back pain, and the 5-gallon buckets that come with the territory when you’re changing your tires the old school way 
  • Help you break the tire bead without damaging it


Enjoy the benefits of
Free 1-week Shipping
Enjoy 2 months Money Back Guarantee.
Enjoy the Lifetime Warranty
“It helped me to reduce my tire changes from 18 minutes to an average of 4 minutes – it’s definitely been a game-changer!"
Vanessa Ruck
Women ADV Riders
" If you despise changing your tires yourself, the Rabaconda is definitely worth looking into, and will pay for itself in no time."
Dan DiMaio

Is the Rabaconda ADV tire changer kit for you?


Here’re the simple steps for effortless tire changes for the rest of your life:

  2. Test if it’s a fit with our Money Back Guarantee
  3. Change your tires whenever, wherever needed
  4. Enjoy the Lifetime Warranty



It depends. If you ride for longer periods at 60mph or faster on asphalt, then yes. If you ride knobby tires and on mostly gravel roads, off-road and only occasionally on asphalt, then there is no need to balance the tire. (For example Jakob, Rabaconda co-founder, rides 30% on asphalt and 70% on gravel and off-road and he never balances his KTM 790 Adventure R tires). 


You can use a typical manual tire balancer. There are many of them on the market, starting from a fairly low price. It takes between 5-10 minutes to balance a tire depending on your skill level. Also, there are loads of videos on YouTube for clear how-to instructions on balancing your tire.


The tire changer is designed to be used with spoked wheels. We've heard that some riders also use it on alloy wheels, covering the wheel supports with soft material (garden hose) in order not to scratch the rims and spread the wheel supports so that the sides of the rim rest on the wheel supports. However, we have not tested it on alloy wheels and cannot recommend it. 


First, there is the Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer. We have also included two different types of tire irons. There is a PRO Tire Iron Set of five tire irons and in addition there are two pieces of monstrous 17" Tire Spoons! These are best for bigger adventure tires. The kit includes all the possible spindle sizes and adaptors for the more common adventure and dual-sport bike wheels. The 12-18mm spindle is generally for smaller and/or older Japanese bikes and the 58mm Adapter is used for BMW GS shaft-drive type wheels. 


Yes, if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with your Rabaconda. We take all the risk with our Money Back Guarantee to make sure you‘re happy with your purchase. If within 2 months you feel that it’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry, we’ll take it back - no questions asked. 
In addition, if you keep it, we’re so confident in our products we‘re giving you a Lifetime Warranty so you don’t have to worry about the longevity of your Rabaconda. Ever.

If your question isn't answered here, feel free to reach out to us via email at